LCD Power Supply Tester

LCD Power Supply Tester
Brand: Overclockers NZ
Product Code: OC-PSTLCD
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Featuring a back-light, bright blue LCD display - this tester can verify that every part of your power supply is operational. It gives voltage read-outs and beeps if there is a problem. To use it simply plug the tester into your power supply's ATX connector and it will give a full diagnostic of your power supply.

  • LCD displays ATX power voltages
  • Tests 20/24-pin ATX power supplies
  • Tests SATA, P4, PCI-Express, Floppy & 4-pin Molex connectors
  • Tests for +3.3V, -12V, PG, +5VSB, +12V, -5V, +5V outputs
  • 1.0mm Aluminum Case
  • Accurate voltage indicator +/- 0.1V
  • No voltage / Lower voltage/ Over voltage alarm

**Each Voltage normal range: +5V, +3.3V, +5VSB is +/- 5%; +12V1, +12V2, -12V is +/-10%

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