Razer Scarab Expert Hard Gaming Mouse Mat

Razer Scarab Expert Hard Gaming Mouse Mat
Brand: Razer
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The Razer Scarab gaming mouse mat is the much anticipated sequel to the Razer Destructor. To create a mouse mat that is on par with the performance capabilities of today's gaming mice the engineers at Razer revisited the Razer Destructor to improve the Razer Fractal surface - the core of the Razer Destructor's dominance. The result is the enhanced Razer Fractal 2.0 surface composition: The entire mouse mat is subdivided into very small areas, each of which displays self-similarity to its surrounding areas. This aids mice sensors to establish a highly responsive and uniform tracking. The Razer Scarab is fine-tuned to be an all-rounder, allowing you to make effortless swipes across the entire surface as well as precise movements to acquire your targets more accurately.

  • Fractal 2.0 surface coating
  • Optimal performance for both laser and optical mice
  • Hard mouse mat providing precise tracking
  • Improved rubber base for greater stability
  • Large size suited for most gaming environments: 350 x 250 x 3mm (WxLxH)
  • Reinforced carrying case for optimal stowing


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